One sentence summaries of CogSci-papers

As abstracts are sometimes too long to read, I have written one sentence summaries for all 3 CogSci papers that got accepted to the 2015 proceedings:

Assessing the perceived predictability of functions

When participants judge about how predictable different functions are, they treat smoothness as more important than noise as predicted by a rational  function learning model (Gaussian Process regression).

Active learning as a means to distinguish among prominent decision strategies

Using active learning as a tool to distinguish between models, we found that people’s active learning behaviour is better described by a heuristic (Take-The-Best) than by an integrative strategy (Logistic Regression).

Learning and decisions in contextual multi-armed bandit tasks

Within contextual bandit tasks participants have to learn and make decisions simultaneously and they seem to do so by probability matching outcomes of rational function learning models.



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