LJDM talk

Here’s the link to the screen cast of my LJDM talk about our idea of compositional inductive biases of intuitive functions:

Thanks to everyone for coming and for the really useful feedback.  Here are the slides as PDF-format (Please note that there are a lot of animations in there, which only work with a decently up-to-date PDF viewer).

Also, re-listening to it (why is it always so weird to hear your own voice?), I’ve created a little addendum:

More serious:

  • The guy who showed the connection between GPs and neural nets is called Neal and not McNeal.
  • Wertheimer worked in New York, not in Massachusetts. It’s still true that some of the Gestaltists struggled to find positions in the US though.
  • For the spectral kernel, the mean vector of the mixture of Gaussians encodes the periodicity and the inverse standard deviations encode the length-scales, not the other way around like I said.

Less serious:

  • I definitely say “basically” a lot.
  • Same goes for “right”.
  • I shouldn’t have said I “hate” Wham!, I just don’t really like them that much.

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